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KwaZulu-Natal: Y-Center News

KwaZulu-Natal: Y-Center - Events News

Mandeni Y-Centre Activities

Days Activity
Monday Cyber Y’s Classes 4 Classes a day with 10 participants in each class
Thursdays ·         Mhleli Foundation Leagues Games and Health Talks

·         5 Soccer Soccer

Friday Active Fridays to commence soon
Saturday ·         There is a Netball Practice Under 13 Girls and Boys

·         Holla Hoops Challenge –Under 10 Girls and Boys

Sunday Radio Y’s Sunday  Broadcast – 09:00 – 12:00

District: Zululand

Youth centre name: Nongoma Youth centre

Location: KwaMajomela area (Nongoma)

Nongoma youth centre has 3 groundBREAKERS. The 2 working under DSAC, namely Nokuthokoza Nyandeni and Owen Khumalo and 1 Sbonga Ngcobo under a special project. The groundBREAKERS have 1 Mpitshi personnel under them in total the centre has 3 Mpintshis.

 groundBREAKER in the centre

The groundBREAKERS (DSAC) focus on keeping the youth in the community active and healthy. These groundBREAKERS are primarily focused on the physical development and health enhancement through keeping the community especially the youth actively involved in sport and recreational games. They organise the games events and recreational leagues for the young people in the community, could it be structured intervention focused games or non-structured intervention games as long as the young people can freely participate and keep active. The plan and monitor leagues until closure of each league.

During the events or activities, the groundBREAKERS than have health talks on socio economic issues effecting the youth of South Africa such as, HIV and AIDS, STIs, PrEP and PEP, teenage pregnancy, prevention of pregnancy, drugs and substance abuse and crime. They are also provided with condoms, shown how to use them correctly and encouraged to stay protected. The games bring together the young people enabling such talks to reach out to the community and youth at large.

The youth centre offers computer skills to the community ( the Cyber wise program). The youth centre is in KwaMajomela community however not only does the KwaMajomela youth benefit in this, but also youth from neighbouring villages also come for this service. The computer class consist of 40 learners per month. They learn basic computer skills which they can further use in the working environment. They get to experience both the theory part of the computer and its programmes and also practicals.The cyber wise groundBREAKER is responsible along with the mpintshi for giving health talks to the cyber wise class.

The Mpitshi program give the groungBREAKERS a platform to mentor people into professional beings and enable them to take over the following term as the next groundBREAKERS. The Mpitshis for the DSAC groundBREAKERS assist the groundBREAKERS in ensuring that the active service delivery to the community is rendered to its high level as so as of the one for cyber wise. It is important that each groungBREAKER has its Mpintshi.

The Mpintshi program is completest and possible algorithm of ensuring continuum of quality channeling of knowledge from groundBREAKERS of the present term to the following term groundBREAKERS prior training.

The implementing partners and stakeholders

In the centre there is strengthened and motivation of relationship building with stakeholders and implementing partners. This ensures security and clear path to implementation of the program in the community. The centre has a relationship with schools, clinics, training centres and the traditional authority leadership.

The schools use the sport grounds of the centre while the groundBREAKERS take lead and the activeness if the schools pupils. The centre has a coach for sports who volunteer in helping out schools in producing quality teams. The coach and the groundBREAKERS move with the teams from the schools supporting them up until participating in the nationals. There have been games between the staff of the centre and the Spar supermarkets team. This has created a penetrating point should the centre decide to seek donations.

The centre works as a pick up point for chronic medication patients for Direct pharmacy. the medication is scanned in and out ensuring quality service monitoring of the medication. The youth centre provided the Direct Pharmacy a secure room for safe keeping of the medication with the required temperature for quality storage, a scanner, connectivity and computer for scanning of the medication. This reflects on the relationship the youth centre has with DOH and neighbouring health facilities.

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