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Launched in 2001 – the groundBREAKERS programme remains one of the most brand effective and recognised youth peer-to-peer programmes in the country. It has shown that youth leadership is a powerful tool that is effective in improving many aspects of young people’s lives. This programme is the foundation of the organization’s historic HIV prevention mission and is key to improving the lives of many youth pioneers, groundBREAKERS and their communities. More than 25,000 young people have gone through the groundBREAKERS programme over the years.

To carry out its duties, this national youth leadership programme of 18 to 25-year-olds and youth volunteers operates in schools, community centers, sports centers, Y-centers and youth-friendly facilities. Through these programmes, loveLife engages face-to-face with nearly 1.5 million young people in all nine provinces of South Africa each year.

LoveLife’s GroundBREAKER programme creates a relatable framework for community activations. The GROUNDBREAKER network offers loveLife programmes in schools, organizes events, sets up sports leagues, organizes sport and recreational activities and facilitates discussions at local level. In addition, GroundBREAKERs build partnerships at the local level to expand LoveLife’s reach and promote healthy living through compelling and innovative LoveLife programmes.
Every two years, loveLife recruits approximately 1,000 groundBREAKERs as part of its programme. After completing the programme, youth become more confident, energetic, and in tune with their abilities. Undoubtedly, the GROUNDBREAKERS programme helps play an important role in creating jobs for young people.
Do you wanna be part of this exciting programme?
Visit your nearest loveLife Y-CENTER or contact us on 0833231023 to find out how you can join this programme.

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