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loveLife exists to ensure that South Africa’s youth is provided with safety, good health and opportunity using our peer-led education model to address challenges that they face.

Should you wish to send us your CV – email us at recruit@lovelife.org.za

EVP is a set of values, conditions of employment and benefits that loveLife offers to its employees and uses as a magnet for attracting new employees. Besides attracting candidates, the EVP will help motivate, engage and retain employees.

The loveLife EVP statement is Building a high performance caring organization – the “loveLife way”. The EVP will be implemented as part of the induction or on-boarding process. There will also be continuous reminder follow-ups outlining the EVP and any changes thereto.

Employee Value Proposition (EVP) – WIIFM (What’s in it for me)?


  • Salary;
  • Gratuities;
  • Timelines;
  • Fairness;
  • Job Evaluation system


  • Time Off;
  • Holidays and annual leave etc;
  • Provident fund;
  • Family Responsibility;
  • Medical Aid;
  • Cell phone and car allowance;
  • Performance based bonus.


  • Ability to progress and develop;
  • Internal training and education;
  • Career development;
  • External Education;
  • Evaluation and feedback of performance.

Work Environment

  • Recognition and Rewards;
  • Personal Achievements;
  • Work- Life Balance;
  • Understanding of one’s role and responsibility;
  • Health and Wellness Programme.


  • Understanding of organizations’ strategy;
  • Leaders and Managers Support (Management Style);
  • Collaboration and team spirit;
  • Organisation values;
  • Trust and Open Communication.


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