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Psychosocial Services

Psychosocial Services

This is South Africa’s youth focused Psychosocial Support Programme that offers free and an easily accessible counselling support and information to young people.
Life’s challenges and difficulties can leave you feeling powerless, hopeless and with a sense of no choice. As a young person these are amplified when you feel there is no support to help navigate life’s difficulties and challenges.

The Psychosocial Support programme is designed to promote emotional wellbeing of young people primarily through a national contact centre which offers free telephonic and text- based counselling to young people and parents.

Through referrals to loveLife Y-Centres, YFS clinics or other relevant organisations in their community a multifaceted Psychosocial Support approach is promoted.The services offered through the contact centre are linked and support on the ground programme activities implemented by groundBREAKERs nationally.

The main goal is in assisting young people and parents to build resilience in navigating challenges in relation to sexual reproductive health issues and to family challenges.
Psychological health contributes to positive functioning of youth with more personal growth and development of one’s full potential. It promotes sense of autonomy, competence, self-acceptance, positive relations with others, belonging and purpose.

The support programme promotes mental functioning at high level of behavioural and emotional adjustment


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