the Alumni Programme

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The Alumni programme is a bridge between the GroundBREAKER program and the world of work. When groundBrREAKERs complete their personal development course, they are promoted into this programme which aims to prepare them for further development. This development takes the form of jobs, professional guidance, careers and entrepreneurial opportunities. This program aims to connect youth with personal development and leadership opportunities. Opportunities include an exchange program, an entrepreneurship program, various personal development internships and learnership training programs through loveLife’s partnerships.

Alumni play are big role – alumni groundBREAKERs and mpintshis are core to helping loveLife stay young.

As a member of the Alumni Association, you can support loveLife:

  • By becoming a loveLife advocate and ambassador;
  • By contributing your time, energy and experience to loveLife through several local Alumni events, clubs and Y-Centers.
  • By helping to mobilize fellow Alumni and create networks and opportunities for cooperation;
  • Through mentoring of current groundBREAKERs, mpintshis and new graduates

Your experience in youth leadership development and knowledge of your community and livelihoods are valuable assets. Your commitment ensures that loveLife maintains the quality of programmes you are used to. It also ensures that the GROUNDBREAKER programme becomes the programme of choice for young people.

Since 2012, Alumni have been represented by two alumni representatives who are on the Love Life Board. As such, former GROUNDBREAKERS have a voice at the group level. Board nominations are accepted annually in March, and elections to the National Alumni Advisory Board are held in April. The board of directors is formed for a period of 1 year.


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