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Multiple Partners

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Some people have extra marital or side affairs without the knowledge of their partners. This is seen a cheating and unfortunately others do not want to admit it as such. The point that some men/women raise is that when they approach their side partners they always disclose that they have partners whom they are committed to. This then allows the other person a chance to choose whether they are getting into a 3 way relationship or not. As much as one is being open from the beginning of the side relationship to the approached, it still doesn’t change the fact that you betrayed your other partner. It is not easy to tell your partner about your intentions to have another person, however being honest can at times bring good results.

This is a tough conversation to have with the person that you are dating and committed to but it needs to be done to avoid heartbreak and betrayal. This is very important because it also give your current partner the choice to make a decision on whether they stay in a 3 way relationship or not. Open communication is the key to clearing any issues about disloyalty and broken trust. Put yourself in your partner’s shoes and this will help you see things in a different perspective that you would also want to know should your partner want to involve other people in your relationship. Disclose your interest and whether the current partner leaves or stay at least you would know that you played open cards.

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