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Teen Suicide Awareness

When a person decides they want to die NOW it is a sign to get immediate help…

With the challenges that came with 2020, it was not easy for pupils, especially matric students to catch up with their studies. The education year was indeed a tough and complex one, with the work load piling up and little time to study enough. The Matric results will be released soon and it very important for parents and guardians to show support to their kids. Yes everyone’s desire is for a Pass but should this not be the case, each kid deserves to be shown love and care. No kid should be treated like a failure and be embarrassed by their families.

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If you (or a friend) is seriously thinking about suicide, it is time to get help – as soon as possible. You are not alone and there are people who want to help you. Call a helpline or tell a trusted adult about what is going on. Or send a plz call me on 0833231023

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Parents need to be on the look-out for their kid’s behaviour and emotional burdens. It is bad enough that the teenagers who fail their Matric feel down and out already and do not need to be further crushed at home. Unconditional love and support from the family, is the most soothing and reliable weapon any child could ever ask for.  Parents should never underestimate the emotional impact that negative words and rejection can have on a teenager. Some teenagers do resort to drastic measures such as overdosing, hanging and even turning into substance abuse as a coping mechanism. When a person feels alone and unwanted it is easy for them to take their own lives. Be the parent that motivates, encourages and stand by their children no matter the results they get. After every failure there is always success. Never give up on your children and encourage them to not give up on themselves!

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