About loveLife Alumni

The Alumni programme is a bridge between the groundBREAKER programme and the world of work. As the groundBREAKERs complete their tenure of personal development, they exit into the alumni programme which prepares them for further development. This development takes the form of careers, vocational guidance, jobs and entrepreneurial opportunities. The programme seeks to link young people with personal and leadership development opportunities. Opportunities include the exchange programme, Entrepreneurship programme, various personal development, internship and learnership programmes through the loveLife partnerships.

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The role of Alumni

Alumni groundBREAKERs and mpintshis are the key products of loveLife and their continued involvement helps loveLife remain youthful

As a member of the alumni Club you can support loveLife in the following ways:

  • By being an advocate and ambassador for loveLife;
  • By contributing your time, effort and experience to loveLife through the various Alumni activities at local level through the clubs and Y-Centres.
  • By helping with the mobilisation of fellow alumni and create network opportunities
  • Through mentorships and coaching of current groundBREAKERs, mpintshis and young graduates

Benefits of Alumni association

Your youth leadership development experience and the recognition it has in society and in your livelihood, are precious assets. Your involvement ensures that loveLife maintains the standards to which you are accustomed. It also ensures that the groundBREAKER programme becomes the programme of choice by youth.

Since 2012 alumni are represented by two convocation representatives who serve on the loveLife Board. In this way former groundBREAKERs have a voice at board level.Annually in March Nominations to the board are received and elections for the National Alumni Advisory Board are held in April. The Board sits for a term of 1 year.

Alumni involvement has several other benefits:

  • Sustained contact with loveLife through newsletters and social media;
  • Access to the broader loveLife community in provinces through networking;
  • Integration into affiliated alumni clubs, societies and interest groups countrywide;
  • Opportunities for mentorship to the groundBREAKERS and mpintshis, career and professional networks.
  • Invitations to social functions and reunions
  • Opportunities to participate in loveLife Exchange Programmes?

loveLife National Alumni Advisory Board

Mission of loveLife National Alumni Advisory Board

As the loveLife Alumni Advisory’s governing body, the National Alumni Advisory Board (NAAB) seeks to increase alumni interaction and support to strengthen the relevance and voice of loveLife’s alumni as its primary constituency in loveLife.

What is the National Alumni Advisory Board?

The NAAB is the loveLife structure that includes elected alumni groundBREAKERs who have a desire and are willing to make the commitment to continue contributing towards loveLife activities. This board of advisors will include representatives from the 15 Regional Alumni Advisory Board and other nationally appointed people, they will meet Quarterly to ensure that loveLife delivers quality initiatives that have the greatest possible impact and reach in driving social change among youth and their communities.

The NAAB Board will advise on:
  • Governance and Strategic direction of the programmes for the Provincial Alumni Advisory Boards.
  • Advocacy of the loveLife programmes activities
  • Mobilization of funders/ support for programmes for Alumni and the organisation
  • Be official Ambassadors of the loveLife Alumni
  • Jointly host the National Summit annually

Composition of the NAAB:

The board consists of approximately 16 positions, including a president, a vice president, Immediate past President, secretary and 15 Regional representatives (1 Representative per province). It may also consist of academics, professionals and entrepreneurs as and when their expert advice is required. Members of the NAAB will be expected to select committees they will lead for which they can develop strategies with the aid of other loveLife NAAB stakeholders. During their terms, members will be expected to chair at least one committee not more than one per year. Members will serve a two-year term and, if interested, may be invited to extend their membership for up to one-year extension, ratified by the NAAB. The NAAB presidents are expected to remain on the board as the immediate past-president for at least one year beyond the term of their presidency. This enables greater continuity among the board, but means board presidents will serve three years.