Masturbation Month EXCLUSIVE with Masanobu Sato (25), proud record holder for the longest masturbation. Shay Nolan writes

Do you think you have the stamina and mental endurance to break a world record? Have you ever thought to enter the Masturbate-a-thon? If so, you’d be up against stiff competition with the likes of world champion Masanobu Sato from Japan who holds the current record for the longest wank—a whopping 9 hours 58 minutes.

Yep, you heard right. An avid and dedicated masturbator, Masanobu has been training since he was 5 years old to reach his ultimate climax. The annual Masturbate-a-thon, held in San Francisco, is a fundraiser that was originally designed to quash the stigma surrounding self-pleasuring.

The Centre for Sex and Culture created the event in 2000 after sexologist and centre co-founder Dr. Carol Queen wanted to design an environment in which people of all genders and sexual orientations could enjoy safe sexual liberation.
We were lucky enough to take a few minutes out of Masanobu’s busy training schedule to talk to him about his unique talent:

Of all of the records in the world, why did you choose to break the record for the longest masturbation?

I’ve been masturbating since I was 5 years old. When I hit the age of 25, I realised that I had been a wanker for 20 years – a long period of time to have committed to a hobby! I came across the masturbate-a-thon on the internet and I wanted to test my masturbation skills. So I thought there was no choice but to rise to this challenge.

The philosophy of the masturbate-a-thon was like: masturbation is not an embarrassing or guilty pleasure. To control your own sexual desire by masturbation leads to a healthy and complete life. I’ve shared this philosophy for most of my life. That’s why I decided to join the masturbate-a-thon.

How did you train, in the run up to the event?

Prior to the event, I practiced many times. I was able to win by using a kneading strategy. In particular, while masturbating I watched a lot of non-sexual content, such as comedy. During the competition there were plenty of distractions, so I had to get used to them beforehand.

How did you stay sexually aroused for such a long time? Did you use any drugs?

I did not use any kind of drugs. I used porn and my imagination to stay aroused.

Do you prefer masturbating to sex? If so, why?

In terms of frequency, I masturbate more than I have sex but if you ask me which like better, I like both. Masturbation and sex are totally different.
Masturbation is a thing you do to have some control over your sexual desire. By masturbating, you can indulge your sexual desire and pursue pleasure as and when you like without bothering anyone. That’s why I think of masturbation as a kind of communication with yourself.

On the other hand, sex is a form of communication between people through contact with each other’s body and mind. When people have sex, it’s a consensual act, you are not alone, therefore you can’t do what you like.
In that sense, I think sex deepens the relationship between two people while masturbation is intended to deepen the understanding of yourself.

Stay tuned for part 2 of our interview with the world record masturbator, Masanobu Sato. We’ll be talking about what the Japanese think about masturbation and how Masanobu’s wanking affects his relationships.

Interview courtesy of the Staying Alive Foundation.