1Schools Programme:

Our access to young people primarily occurs through the schools’ network and our relationship with these schools and their support is critical in the success and the reach of many of our programmes.

gBs are responsible for registering the schools where they implement the loveLife programmes every year. By the end of 2015, loveLife had registered a total of 2,356 active schools in all provinces. The largest numbers of registered schools were secondary schools at 32%, followed by equal 25% registrations for Primary and Combined Schools.

17Games Programme:

The loveLife Games progamme is an energetic and vibrant engagement with young people that has been realised through the close cooperation and partnership with the Department of Sports and Recreation South Africa. This positive partnership has ensured that capacity building, youth development and positive lifestyle programmes are promoted and implemented at sports and recreation activities across South Africa.

Using sports, recreation, arts and culture as a platform to impart positive lifestyle messaging to its target audience has ensured the sustainability of the loveLife strategy and, as an organisation, we are appreciative of the valuable contribution and support of the Department of Sport and Recreation.

6Family Programme:

LoveLife recognises the significant role that parents play in influencing the lives of youth.

There is evidence that open communication about sex and sexuality between parent and child significantly reduces risk behaviour.

loveLife continues to build on the need to facilitate communication between parents and children and to provide a platform for parents’ involvement in the organisation’s campaign to build stronger families. loveLife implements three programmes for supporting the rebuilding of families:

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