Organisational Structure

loveLife has an extensive organisational structure which allows it to implement, manage and monitor programmes across South Africa. The reporting structure is hierarchical: The CEO is supported by an executive committee (EXCO) of Senior Executive Managers and a Chief Financial Officer, who in turn are supported by a team of Executive Managers and Senior Managers.

Programme development takes place nationally, directed by departments who deal with various aspects of programme development (Programmes and Monitoring as well as Brand and Media). Support departments include Communications, Finance, Information Technology, Supply Chain Management, Human Resources and Internal Audit.

In provinces across South Africa, loveLife has nine Provincial Executive Managers who are responsible for programme implementation and data collection for monitoring and evaluation. Provincial Executive Managers report directly to a Senior Executive Manager/ Chief Financial Officer and serve on the Senior Management Team.

loveLife’s provincial structure comprises of a Provincial Executive Manager supported by a Provincial Office Manager and a Provincial Assistant. A Provincial Programmes Leader and a Provincial Programme Coordinator: Games are also located in the provincial office. Each region is headed up by a loveLife Regional Manager who reports to the Provincial Manager, while the Regional Programme Leaders report to the Regional Manager. groundBREAKERs and mpintshis are supported by Regional Programme Leaders. We also have loveLife Y-Centres (youth centres) which are managed by Y-Centre Managers and/or Coordinators who report directly to the Provincial Executive Manager.