Who are we?

The New loveLife Trust, also known as “loveLife”, is a South African non-profit youth organisation that was established in 1999 as a joint initiative of leading South African non-governmental organisations, private foundations and the South African government. With the passage of time the vision of the organisation has evolved to not only focus on HIV but to become “a leader in Youth Health Promotion” where Health, in line with the World Health Organisation (WHO), is defined as a “state of complete physical, mental and social well-being”. The organisation positions its programmes not only for risk reduction and active lifestyles but also as the generator of empowered young people with a better future. We are POWERING THE FUTURE!

Our whole reason for existence is to make young people immediately useful. The moment young come into a loveLife programme they are set into action and start out on a journey of personal discovery. Young leaders are not treated as the beneficiaries of our programmes, but rather as the active drivers of everything we do.

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The main target age group for programmes run by loveLife is young people between the ages of 10 – 24 years. loveLife’s secondary target audience extends to age 35 in response to the South African National Youth Policy which defines youth as any persons between the ages of 14 and 35 years. It is a definition that embraces varied categories of the youth, which have been exposed to different socio-political and historical experiences.

Implementation of programmes and activities is largely done by the youth corps of peer to peer educators called groundBREAKERs. These young people, aged between 19-28, are trained on various programmes for implementation in schools, Adolescent and Youth Friendly Clinics and health care facilities, sports hubs and other spaces within their communities. They carry out the promotion of youth health guided by loveLife’s developed 3C construct to describe the various factors that promote positive youth-driven social change. We call it the “3-C” construct: Complete, Creative, and Connected.


Complete: young people believe in their personal power

At loveLife we use “complete” to describe self-belief, self-understanding, self-esteem, identity, purpose, and sense of belonging, and having a future focus.

Creative: young people can navigate life’s challenges

For loveLife, creativity means resilience, “bouncebackability” after a crisis, creative problem-solving, and the capacity of those young people most marginalised and left out to take on a central role in taking back their future and their community’s futures.

Connected: young people participate in a culture of freedom & equality

For loveLife, connectedness means young people standing in solidarity, working together as equals, listening to each other and understanding where others come from, and the connection of all through shared humanity. This concept is associated with the social networks that young people form and or align themselves.

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loveLife’s developed 3-C construct is the reason why the organisation remains a frontrunner in transitioning young people from adolescence to adulthood – by boldly and informatively promoting Youth Health.


WHAT do we do and WHY?

loveLife exists to ensure that South Africa’s youth is provided with safety, good health and opportunity using our peer-led education model to address challenges that they face.


loveLife uses the following pillars as focus arears to promote social change:
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Safety: Young people can build safe communities where they live without fear of violence.

To build safer communities in South Africa and globally, loveLife and young people prioritise:

  • Personal commitments to non-violence and the promotion of peace;
  • Changing harmful social norms around gender, sexuality, alcohol, and violence;
  • Promoting social solidarity for safe communities;
  • Working with the appropriate structures to ensure both better laws and better law enforcement.
  • Provision of safe spaces for young people to play, learn and develop
Health: Young people can optimize their health.

To build healthier communities in South Africa and globally, loveLife and young people prioritise:

  • Being physically and mentally healthy;
  • Creating a positive active lifestyle culture;
  • Promoting access to health services.
Opportunity: Young people can generate value by creating and connecting with networks of opportunity.

To build more prosperous communities in South Africa and globally, loveLife and young people prioritise:

  • Creating Centres of Opportunity at Y-Centres;
  • Creating partnerships for access to the economy;
  • Adding currency to youth leadership development.