The new revolution is your evolution, and is the guide to get you to where you’re going – forward.

A groundBREAKER, a game-changer and friend in one, right within your reach – this is what iloveLife is for you. Making moves and making waves, iloveLife is the way you can make that change and get rewarded for doing it. Don’t do better, do your best – #upgradeyourself and take it to the next level, and the next, and the next! And it’s not just you, your friends can join in too; it’s a movement.

You’re growing up and you know that there is just so much out there; from everywhere on everything. So where do you begin? Check your phone. Over the years loveLife has been at your side and now it’s in the palm of your hand, a place where you can explore new things and ideas in your own time, in your space. Your personal go-to guide to give you the gist on what’s what.

On iloveLife you have access to self-assessments, articles, videos, and can even take quizzes to figure out the answers to all the questions you have about those anythings from anywhere.

Connect and share what’s up and what’s going down in your space, in your area, in your life. iloveLife allows you to link all your social network pages so that you can share your life’s updates and your journey with friends and the iloveLife community.

It’s about upgrading yourself, in every way and knowing that iloveLife is there as the friend in your pocket to help you through it. Upgrading yourself is about getting involved and getting active, making an effort towards something great. It’s also about making that effort to invest in yourself – your beliefs, your interests, your brilliance. But it doesn’t stop there, in life you earn your way up the ladder and with iloveLife you can do thattoo.

It’s as easy as 1, 2, 3…
Step 1: Register on or *120*2121#
Step 2: Get active and earn points.
Step 3: Enter competitions and win!

Feeling lucky? That’s the point, and all you have to do is join the movement and ride the wave. iloveLife is for you, for your future and is definitely the right partner to have by your side for life.