Young people carry a wealth of untapped potential that is often lost to the economy and their communities.

The groundBREAKER programme, established in 2001, and one of the most well- respected and well-recognised youth peer-to-peer education programmes in the country, has shown that youth leadership is a powerful intervention, which causes a ripple effect in improving various aspects of young people’s lives. The programme formed the backbone of the organisation’s historic mission of HIV prevention and it remains key to bettering the lives of the groundBREAKERs and their broader communities. Over the years more than 25 000 young people have gone through the groundBREAKER programme.

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To deliver on its mandate, this national corps of youth implementers, aged between 18 and 25 and younger volunteers, implement various programmes which includes life skills, healthy sexuality, sport and recreational activities and skills development, in schools, community centres, sport hubs, Y-Centres, Adolescent and Youth Friendly Facilities. Through these programmes loveLife engages face-to-face with nearly 1.5 million young people annually in all nine provinces in South Africa.

loveLife’s groundBREAKER programme form the bases for community implementation. The groundBREAKER network delivers loveLife programmes in schools, arranges events; sets up sports leagues, organizes sport and recreational activities and hosts local community dialogues. Furthermore, groundBREAKERs establish local level partnerships to expand loveLife’s reach and promote healthy lifestyles through loveLife’s compelling and innovative programmes.

Every two years, the organisation recruits approximately 1000 groundBREAKERs to be part of the programme. Upon completing the programme, young people come out more confident, savvy and in tune with their abilities. Without question, the groundBREAKERs programme is a big contributor in creating an ability for young people to be employed.