loveLife is conducting a groundBREAKER Core 1 training starting on the 10 of February-03 March  2019 , loveLife will be taking young people known as groundBREAKERS through a /capacity development process to equip them with skills that will enable them to impact the lives of young South Africans.  loveLife prides itself on youth corps that are advocates for positive behaviour change amongst young people in different communities. They are known as groundBREAKERs mainly for their youth leadership that leads to breaking social barriers that have been standing for long in the ambit of youth health in totality.

519 groundBREAKERs between the ages 18 and 24 from 16 regions and 9 provinces around the country are placed in various health institutions and loveLife centres (approximately 230 clinics and 16 loveLife Youth Centres. They work with schools and other community structures to improve the health outcomes and impart knowledge of sexual reproductive health and rights and various aspects that affect the health of young people in local communities.

Their main tasks are; youth service for social well-being of young people, community mobilization into SRH initiatives and activating fun-filled and educational programmes within their communities.

Through various platforms, stakeholder engagements and initiated multi-disciplinary approaches, groundBREAKERs reach over a million in-and-out of school youth every year with over 80% of them going through a full bouquet of modules and stages of different activities offered.

Having passed matric before being recruited, groundBREAKERs are therefore taken through a lengthy training at the beginning of each implementation cycle in order to be capacitated with all the necessary tools they will need to break the grounds and achieve work outcomes and knowledge that will lead to positive socio-economic impact.

The existence of loveLife as an organization is synonymous to the existence of these young volunteer corps. In the 20-year history of loveLife, groundBREAKERS have been in existence and the alumni have gone on to be outstanding role models and claimed stakes in the hype of the astonishing and sometimes difficult world of work and business, becoming independent and professional individuals in which other young people can look up to.

Through this groundBREAKER movement, the organization has contributed immensely on youth development as it has turned the raw talent into a multi-skilled crop that is easily employable and (or) create new business ventures.