Distribution And Financial System

loveLife oversees its own distribution network, which includes a 670 square metre warehouse in Johannesburg. The warehouse manages all loveLife equipment, merchandise, branding, manuals, publications/stationery and other materials that are procured to support our programmes.

loveLife products are distributed to the organisation’s nine provincial offices, 24 regional offices and 900 sites across South Africa. loveLife distributes via courier and freight companies. There are currently three courier companies that quote for our business. UNCUT magazine is distributed through a media partnership with the Independent Newspaper Group.

The New loveLife Trust works within the parameters of the Non-Profit Organisation and Trust Property Control Acts and is audited by PricewaterhouseCoopers. The trust has an internal control and risk management system in place under which appropriate structures and processes for accounting and financial reporting are defined and implemented throughout the organisation.

This system is designed to guarantee timely, uniform and accurate accounting for all business processes and transactions. It ensures compliance with accounting and financial reporting standards and the internal accounting directive, which is binding across all the departments. Apart from defined control mechanisms, such as system-based and manual reconciliation processes, the fundamental principles of the internal control system include the segregation of functions and compliance with directives and financial policies and procedures.

loveLife’s system of accounting and programme management can be summarised as follows:

  • Donor funds are used against the objectives and targets set out in a signed service level agreement (SLA) which includes budgets that have been agreed upon;
  • Budgets are developed in line with our organisation’s strategic planning and then realigned against donor requirements;
  • Reports are prepared quarterly or as and when required by a respective donor;
  • Donor audits are carried out by respective donors.

The Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system is Pastel Evolution.