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Gender-based Violence and LGBTI People Z-card

Gender-based Violence and LGBTI People is a print and digital Z-Card to generate awareness of GBV and discrimination of LGBTI persons, which includes  advice on how to deal with these issues. This material was created as part of a mainstreaming project targeted at loveLife staff and the communities we service to promote a culture of tolerance and understanding toward LGBTI persons. This Z-Card was developed in conjunction with Gay and Lesbian Memory in Action (GALA) and was available at loveLife sites across the country, as well as on the loveLife website.

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HIV Counselling and Testing

My Responsibility, My Choice, Our Future All people in South Africa, regardless of age, sex, ethnicity, religion, gender identity, gender expression, sexual orientation, HIV status, disability, citizenship, location, or any other factors, have the right to equitable and non-discriminatory access to appropriate sexual and reproductive health information, education and protection and to quality treatment, care and rehabilitation services.This is what is meant by Reproductive Rights. As a young person, it is your Right to have easy access to these services, and it is your Responsibility to seek them.

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Powering the FUTURE – get the FACTS

Know yourself. Believe you’re a somebody (’cause it’s the truth!) and find your worth. It’s about making moves, baby, one step at a time, to get where you want to be..

Young South Africans are making their move all across Mzansi. They know they’ve got what it takes to succeed, to make something big of their lives – even if it sometimes feels like there’s an obstacle around every corner. To make a move, young people must first believe they can. And to know which moves to make, they must first know who the

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