Did you know that May is Masturbation Month? It’s part of a global campaign aimed at promoting healthy sexual development among young people, writes MizzB

Well, now you know … we have been socialised not to talk openly about sexual behaviour and yet it is a natural part of one’s development.

There are a number of MYTHS associated with masturbation, some of which are:

you will go blind;
you will grow hair on your hands;
you won’t be able to have children, and so on.


The fact is masturbation is the safest form of sexual exploration, with a number of health benefits. You do not have to feel sexually frustrated and exploring your own body helps you understand what you enjoy.

Are there other BENEFITS of masturbation, you ask?

There are no risks or fear of falling pregnant;
or contracting sexually transmitted infections and HIV;
the health benefits include releasing stress and tension;
it boosts your mood;
and reduces the risk of cancer and it strengthens your immunity.

Also, the brain chemicals and hormones released during this activity are good for your health.

The important thing to remember is that it must be done in your own privacy and should not interfere with your normal daily functioning. While getting off every now and then can be beneficial to you, much like anything else in life, over-doing it can have some negative effects like becoming desensitised to the touch of others and hurting yourself – yes, you can actually hurt yourself! So, calm down. DON’T OVER-DO IT!

So go on, find sexual fulfilment and satisfaction and give yourself some self-loving. Give yourself a hand this Masturbation Month.