So you’ve registered to vote and the countdown to the 2014 General Elections has begun! With just two days to go before the polls, how much do you actually know about voting? Keep calm, we’ got you…

On election day, you need to go to the voting station at which you’re registered – visit to confirm your voter registration status just in case.
If you are not in your home province, you’ll only be allowed to vote in the National Election.
Make sure to take your green, bar-coded South African ID book or a temporary identification certificate with you because the voting officer will need it to check if your name appears on the voters’ roll.
If he/she is satisfied, you must complete a VEC4 form (national elections form) and get ready to mark your “X”!
After casting your vote your name is marked off the roll, your ID is stamped on the second page and your thumbnail is inked.
The voting officer then stamps the back of the correct number of official ballot papers (one for the national election and one for the local election) and gives them back to you.
Take your ballot paper(s) to an empty ballot booth, mark the ballot paper, fold it so that your choice isn’t visible and place the ballot paper in the ballot box.

REMEMEBER: According to law you can only vote once in each election. Oh! And, selfies at the booth are a big no-no – you may be given fine or sent to jail for a year. Your vote is your secret, and how you vote is precisely up to you!