Leadership Academy

gb-clubsThere’s an old adage that says, “the devil finds work for idle hands”. In South Africa, we have a largely idle and disaffected youth, who, thanks to rampant unemployment, a low skills base and a lack of opportunities, are sitting at home exposed to risks of, among others, substance abuse and teenage pregnancy.

And if a change to this situation is not affected we can expect an implosion in our social fabric mainly as a consequence of this youth unemployment. The loveLife Academy aims to, through collaboration with large corporations, provide skills development opportunities to all people particularly the youth, in all provinces of South Africa.  The loveLife Academy  realises that without the appropriate skills, the youth of this country will continue to exist on the margins of society.

The purpose of the academy is to become the inspirational core in empowering young people to achieve their full potential in making  meaningful contributions for better futures. In 2015, after being accredited by the Services Sector Education and Training Authority (SSETA), the Academy commenced  with   the   training of young people and have since then, seen approximately 3000 young people enter into various skills programmes, qualifications and interventions.

Of these 35%  have  been  from the organisation’s groundBREAKER and Mpintshi corps, with the rest having been trained with funding that was secured through partnerships with organisations that are equally committed  to the advancement of young people in South Africa, for example, the Absa Bank, Anglo mining (Kolomela mines in NC), Solar Energy Company (SunEdison) in Limpopo and many others. The academy offers an array of accredited training and self-development skills programmes to bridge the skills gap by providing educational, employment and entrepreneurship opportunities.

Learners are provided with innovative skills and education in the fields of entrepreneurship, personal development and communication. Our trainings are delivered by industry experts with relevant qualifications and experience in the Sectors within which we deliver. Over the past year in operation our programme offerings has extended to include the following qualifications;

  • Generic Management;
  • New Venture Creation (entrepreneurial training levels 2 and 4);
  • Contact Centre;
  • Financial Health;
  • Business Administration;
  • Skills Management; and
  • Project Management.

In addition, we also provide extensive unit standard aligned short courses, for more on these visit: www.lovelifeacademy.org.za

The services of the loveLife Academy extend beyond training, we pride ourselves with our unique work-integration programme for young people who are first time entrants into formal employment. The Academy facilitates a three-day intervention that prepares them for the world.

By 2020, the academy wants to have impacted the lives of 40 000 young people across the country into their workplaces.

“Skills are not just about being able to read and write – it’s about being conscious of the things that affect you as a person, being conscious of the actions that you take and where they lead and being aware that every decision – right or wrong – has a consequence”.

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