loveLife has been alerted to a variety of scams and fraudulent activities using our brand name.

In some instances, companies and service providers have been requested to provide services for loveLife marketing events, with the promise of payment to be made after the services have been rendered. There have also been cases where payments were made using counterfeit cheques.

Kindly note that, as a non-profit organisation, loveLife never requests proposals and quotations telephonically. All requests are made via email from our registered domain and address at, with signatures and banners reflecting our new logo. Organisations receiving a telephonic request to render any loveLife service should insist that all communication is conducted via email.

Finally, loveLife only uses cash or electronic fund transfers, and not cheques, to pay for services.

To verify information, call your local Y-centre, the administration managers in your region or contact Chris Homann or Nontuthuzelo Ndima at head office, at tel: 011 523 1000 or email or

Thank you for your continued support.