This communication serves as Notice that there is fraudulent activities being done with the use of the loveLife brand and name.

Companies are requested to provide catering services for “so-called” events taking place, they are requesting that the food and drinks be delivered and that payment will only happened afterwards.

Another fraud technique that is being used is fraudsters requests catering from a supplier, they deposit a cheque worth higher/more than the amount quoted, they then request the difference to be paid back. Obviously the cheque will not be honored by the banks and/or will bounce, and the suppliers are defrauded.

Please take note, if loveLife requests you to provide quotations for the service, it will come from a loveLife registered email domain and address, namely:, the signatures and banners will involve the new look and logo of loveLife. Please insist that all RFQ’s are done via email and that quotes are send via email in order for you to verify.

lovelife will not pay for your services with a cheque, it will either be cash (depending on the amounts involved) or EFT, most of the time it will be via EFT.

If it is done telephonically, you have the right to confirm with the particular Y-center within the region, the Senior Managers and Admin Managers can be contacted and confirmed.

If you need any further clarity on the matter or to verify requests that you received, you are welcome to contact this office at the following people, Chris Homann and Nontuthuzelo Ndima, at:

Tel: (011) 523-1000,,

We urge you, if you receive any type of request, for any type of service, please to be vigilant and make sure that it is the one and only true loveLife that is requesting your services. In this day and age where technology is at the heart of almost every communication on all platforms, scamming and fraud is a very real threat.

Thank you for your continued support that you provide our organization.